Project description

In 2014 INEO chose to work with panel builder Schneider Electric to equip the new Crête d’Or plant with low voltage cabinets. Having closed a certified partnership with COSYSTEC, Schneider Electric recommended that INEO use COSYSTEC’s competencies.

The project included the design and construction of 20 steel distribution cabinets and 20 power supply boxes. Considering insular limitations and delivery uncertainties, COSYSTEC had to complete the project in record time.

With their organisation capacity they managed to build the 8m MLVBs (3,200A) including 2 source inverters in less than 10 days. It took about 1 month to complete the whole project.

Cabinets: Prisma P + by Schneider Electrics, open frame

Protection: NW32 3200A Master Pack breaker

Amperage: 3,200A with 2 source inverters interlocked on the MLVB

Time track : Less than one month

In numbers

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